Why plastic free?

The consequences of climate change, coastal erosion and environmental pollution force us to make decisions to reduce our environmental impact. If Puerto Rico is compared with other countries in the world, each citizen can potentially generate up to five (5) times more pollution as a result of the use of plastics, foam, vehicle emissions, and non-recyclable materials.

Annually, over 35 million tons of plastic waste are produced in the world. In Puerto Rico and the United States, millions of citizens discard tons of plastic that ends up in the trash - and on many occasions in our oceans and coasts.

Together we can raise awareness and change our consumer habits, finding sustainable awareness solutions to reduce our dependence on plastic.


We do everything we can to reduce plastic. Our shipping packages are 100% plastic free. We use eco-friendly envelopes and materials from EcoEnclose and noissue.

In the unexpected case eco-friendly packaging material is not available, we may reuse other plastic, cardboard or newspaper materials to ship the order. However, we will do our best to ensure that each shipment is made in the most sustainable way within our reach.


What we should know about plastic:

  • Every minute the equivalent of a garbage truck ends up in our ocean.
  • Most plastic produced still exists and has not decomposed.
  • Not all types of plastic are recycled in the same way.
  • Most of the pollution comes from the land.
  • By 2050 it is expected that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. (by weight)
  • 1 out of 4 fish tested contains microplastics. This microplastic starts from the food chain and ends up on our food plate.
  • Thousands of marine animals die annually from plastic.
  • Long-term exposure to plastic can affect fertility and pregnancy. 
  • Burning plastic produces toxic gases, many of these related to the risk of cancer.


What can we do to reduce plastic pollution?

  • Use reusable bottles/cups and avoid using disposable bottles/cups.
  • Reuse containers, boxes and bags.
  • Glass is better and more cost-effective for the environment.
  • Avoid buying "reusable" plastic bags, these take much longer time to decompose.
  • Always consider carrying reusable cloth or cotton bags.
  • Take your own cutlery, straws or utensils with you when you go out to eat.


How can we help repair the damage?

There are many organizations like Sierra Club that work educational campaigns, promote action and awareness to repair the damage caused by environmental pollution. It is also important to support projects and communicate to elected officials who raise awareness of these important issues.

By helping to spread the word, reducing our dependence on disposable packaging, we can take the lead in the fight against pollution in our oceans and eliminate the habit of using unnecessary plastic.



We ship by mail to Puerto Rico and the United States. We offer ECO Shipping for all orders in Puerto Rico and the United States.

The cost for international shipments are calculated during the 'checkout' depending on your country.

Orders received are processed during business days. Once the order has been sent, you will receive a confirmation number (tracking number) by email along with a link to know the estimated delivery day and the status of the package. The update of the "status" will depend on the information available on the US Postal Service / Shipment web platform. For more information please visit our Terms and Conditions for Online Sales: https://www.salonboricua.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

Despite its delay, it will not imply or cancel the order or any compensation. All orders are considered "delivered" when the postal service confirms delivery.


Order Status

Once we have sent the order you will receive a confirmation by email. This email will include a tracking number. If you have any questions or concerns about the status of your order, you can write to us at info@salonboricua.com


Incorrect Address

If you entered the wrong address when checking out, please write immediately by replying to the confirmation email from the email used to place the order. We will do our best to update the shipping address on your order prior to shipping.

If you provide an incorrect or insufficient address, the shipment will be returned to our facilities. You will be responsible for the costs of reshipping once we have confirmed an updated address with you.

What if the order is already on its way?

Once the order has been shipped, we have no control over it. The package would be in the possession of the US Postal Service or Mailing Service . You can check the status of your order through the tracking number sent in the shipping confirmation email.

Most of the time the packages are returned to our mailbox if they have not been delivered (for example if the address was incorrect). Once we receive the order we will communicate via email to confirm the correct address and resend it as soon as possible. This process could cause additional delays in the estimated delivery date.

If you sent the order to a previous address and currently have mail forwarding service with the US Postal Service or Mailing Service, it should be forwarded to the new address. However, we are not responsible for this internal process. Please contact USPS with any questions or concerns about their services.


Lost orders

Our shipments are handled by the US Postal Service / other Mailing Service. Once the order is delivered to the post office, it is in the possession of the USPS. You can track your order with the tracking number sent by email.

In unusual cases where your order has been lost in transit, please email us at info@salonboricua.com so we can file an investigation.


Stolen orders

Salón Boricua is not responsible for stolen packages, confirmed to be delivered to the address entered for the order. If you request it, Salón Boricua will be able to confirm the delivery to the indicated address, the delivery date, the tracking information and the information of the shipping company so that the client can investigate directly with the Postal Service.



Salón Boricua does not accept returns. Returned orders generate over 4 billion pounds of trash annually in the United States alone.

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